EU launches blockchain project to enable users control their online data

June 2017
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European Commission has launched a blockchain project called DECODE to develop practical alternatives to how we manage our information on the internet.

The objective of DECODE, ‘DEcentralised Citizen Owned Data Ecosystem’, is to give individuals greater control over their data, helping them keep it private or share it for the public good as they see fit. The project lasts for three years and will run four public pilots - two in Barcelona and two in Amsterdam - to test the new tools and to demonstrate the wider social value that can come as a result of people sharing their data differently.

DECODE will be delivered by a consortium of multidisciplinary partners - including, the Institut Municipal d'Informatica de Barcelona, Eurecat and the University of Catalonia from Spain, Amsterdam City Council, Dyne and the Waag Society in the Netherlands, Politecnico di Torino from Italy, CNRS from France, Arduino from Sweden, and innovation foundation Nesta, Thingful, ThoughtWorks and UCL from the UK.

Once developed, the emerging research findings and source code of the DECODE tools will be open and freely available on the project website: