Ecommerce to soar in Europe at 19 percent in 2017

October 2017
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According to new report, ecommerce in Europe is set to increase by 19% during 2017.

This is shown in the Global Ecommerce Report 2017, executed by the Ecommerce Foundation. Ecommerce will continue to grow in all regions with rates in 2016 ranging from 1.45 to 39%. Regarding Europe, the report examines France, the UK, Germany, Russia, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

It si important to note that the logistical performance differs per country. The score (which measures perceptions of a country’s logistics based on efficiency of customs clearance process, quality of trade and transport infrastructure and quality of logistics services) is highest in Germany (4.23), followed by the UK (4.07) and the US (3.99). Russia scores the lowest, with 2.57 points.

The Ecommerce Foundation also looked at the ease of doing business in a country. In other words, where the regulatory environment is most favorable for the starting and operation of a local firm. The UK ended on the 7th place, while Germany and France ranked 17th and 29th.

Europe has the highest internet penetration, with 80.5% of the population using the internet. The lowest penetration can be found in Asia Pacific (46.6%) but India and Indonesia’s low rates bring the average down substantially. When we look at the internet penetration rates per country, UK ranks first with 97.52%.

The total B2C ecommerce turnover of the selected countries is expected to increase to about EUR 1.56 trillion in 2017. The Asia Pacific region accounts for almost half of total revenues. Europe has a 25.64% share, with a ecommerce turnover of about EUR 400 billion.
Countries with the fastest-growing ecommerce market are Australia (40%), Turkey (31%), Italy (26%) and Spain (25%).

Europe has the highest ecommerce share of GDP, of all the regions, with ecommerce accounting for 4.91% of the region’s gross domestic product. The highest E-GDP can be found in the UK, where it accounts for 7.9% of the country’s GDP. In Europe, 58% of internet users shop online, while in North America, it’s 70% of internet users.

In Europe, 57% of consumers first purchased something via their smartphone or tablet one year ago or longer. And now, 22% of consumers purchase weekly via their mobile device. Also, in this region 40% of consumers is extremely satisfied with mobile purchases. Especially in the UK and France, there are many satisfied mobile shoppers to be found.

The bank credit card is the most used payment method (54%) in Europe. It’s followed by debit card (45%), PayPal (39%), cash on delivery (20%), bank transfer (11%) and gift cards (7%). Turkey leads in monthly online payments, with 44% of the population making online payments monthly.