Apple Pay vs. Samsung Pay user satisfaction in US - survey

July 2016
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While Apple Pay captures the greatest proportion of eligible users in the US, Samsung Pay tops satisfaction list.

According to a recent survey published by Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) Apple Pay captures 33% of eligible users in the US, followed by Samsung Pay with 23%. Though, when it comes to user’s satisfaction the level of satisfaction among Samsung Pay users stands at 92% compared to 84% for Apple Pay, while 49% of those using Samsung Pay would recommend the service, compared to 53% for Apple Pay.

Samsung Pay eligible consumers also report the highest proportion of discretionary spend going to the payment app (22%), while Apple Pay eligible consumers cite a lesser proportion (15%), behind both credit card and cash spend.

In an average week, Samsung Pay users spend more using the service (USD82) compared to Apple Pay users (USD 75), while only 19% of Samsung Pay users report difficulties at the point of sale compared to 31% for Apple Pay.

Additionally, those using Samsung Pay show greater enthusiasm for using the mobile payment service in-store, with 56% always asking store personnel about acceptance compared to 42% of Apple Pay users.

The research was based on 2,004 US consumers, of which 1,000 had Apple Pay eligible devices and around 327 had Samsung Pay eligible devices.