50 percent plus UK and US e-shoppers stress delivery convenience as key to purchase

March 2016
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More than 50% of the surveyed participants said they were willing to abandon their baskets if their chosen retailer was unable to provide their preferred method of delivery, a recent research study reveals.

Moreover, almost a quarter of the US participants surveyed and a third of UK counterparts expect delivery times of two days or less, whilst around four in ten in both countries would prefer click-and-collect options if available, according to the ‘2016 Consumer Trends Report’ issued by the e-consumer statistics provider Kibo, retailgazette.co.uk reports.

Furthermore, 29% of all those surveyed said they would not purchase anything from retailers unable to offer in-store-pickup or extended payment options. "As the marketplace becomes increasingly crowded, retailers need to remain a step ahead with their digital services and fulfilment options to ensure the loyalty of their customers,” said Kenneth Frank, CEO of Kibo.

“Most consumers have their preferred places to shop, yet, retailers’ lack or progression toward offering a true omni-channel experience can erode their customers’ loyalty. As such, the only option left open to many customers is a move to the closest competitor who will.” the source cites.