Faster payment at the POS

Learn how you can enjoy the benefits of e-commerce at the POS as well.

Benefits of e-commerce at the POS―eliminating the need for shoppers to wait in line

As an innovation driver for payment solutions, we from Wirecard constantly strive to improve the shopping experience for everyone: online, mobile, and at the POS. Let your customers shop without them ever having to stand in line to pay. To meet their growing expectations, we have joined forces with SES-imagotag and Wirecube to tap the full potential of mobile devices for paying at the POS.

Watch our video to see how we are bringing the benefits of e-commerce to the POS by enabling mobile self-checkout for consumers. Now they can quickly, easily, and securely pay right at the shelf.

Vanda Astfäller, Head of Sales, Wirecard
It’s basically about bringing together all existing technologies and achieving what we already see in e-commerce at the point of sale as well.