Wirecard Labs brings 20 female start-up founders to 4 tech conferences in Europe and provides a platform to promote them.

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4 tech conferences. 20 female founders.

Female leadership participation and inclusion in the technology sectors continue to be a significant issue. This year, the Wirecard Labs team starts its commitment to change and increase gender diversity with its "Women in Innovation" initiative. 

Our goal is to empower female founders through promotion, access to business networks, and to potential future partners. 

20 female start-up founders get the chance to win a trip to selected European conferences in 2019 and to join the Wirecard Labs team at those events. We provide free conference tickets, travel budget, and we promote the start-ups online and on-site. 

Just pick the conference you like to attend, make sure you fulfill the application criteria and apply to win the trip. 

For women-led start-ups only

Application process

Apply online for one of the listed conferences, if you are a female founder with a proven business model in FinTech, InsureTech, Data Analytics, AI, Retail, E-Commerce, Travel, Mobility, sensor technologies or IoT and at seed or series A investment stage with your start-up.

Application deadline for each conference is four weeks prior to the event. We then proceed directly with the selection procedure that is based on randomness. 

You will be notified about the outcome of the lottery three weeks in advance of the conference that you applied to. If you won, we will send you additional information about the conference, how to get the ticket and how we will promote your start-up.

At the conference, we will produce an interview with you and publish it onto our website and through cooperating partners. If applicable, you will also enjoy additional networking opportunities at the event. 

Choose Your Conference

VivaTech, Paris (Registration Stop)

May 16-18, 2019

Organized by Publicis & Les Echos, VivaTech is one of Europe's biggest tech events. It draws the whole French technology ecosystem and international early stage start-ups. It features a great lineup of speakers. 

Website: vivatechnology.com
No more applications accepted

New Mobility World, Frankfurt

September 10-15, 2019

Organized by the German Association of Car Manufacturers during the Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA Cars), NMW gathers companies providing innovative solutions to the transportation industry.

Website: newmobility.world/en/
No more applications accepted

World Summit AI, Amsterdam

October 09-10, 2019

A new and growing conference dedicated to the Artificial Intelligence community. Strong focus on content and education, with leading experts in the field.

Website: worldsummit.ai
No more applications accepted

Slush Helsinki

November 21–22, 2019

Held during the darkest time of the year in Helsinki, Finland, Slush has always been characterized by its unique energy and sheer enthusiasm. The very core mission of Slush is to facilitate founder and investor meetings and to build a worldwide start-up community.

Website: https://www.slush.org
No more applications accepted



This initiative is for female start-up founders only, in order to increase gender diversity in the technology and innovation industries. Those women-led start-ups must have a proven business model at seed or at series A stage.

Your start-up must be active in one of the following areas: FinTech, InsureTech, Data Analytics, AI, Retail, E-Commerce, Travel, Mobility, sensor technologies or IoT. 

Yes, you can apply for more than one conference throughout the year. 

Applications are open throughout the year. However, application deadline for each conference is four weeks prior to the event. 

Once we close the application four weeks prior to a conference, we move directly to the selection procedure that is based on randomness. The five winners of each conference will be notified by us and provided with further information about the conference and the lottery. Those ones who applied but didn’t win will be also notified by us. 

We will interview you at the conference and feature your start-up on our Wirecard Labs online channels. If applicable, we will also connect you with relevant contacts at the conference so that you get the most out of your experience. 

For each female founder who wins in the lottery we cover the conference ticket and grant a budget of 300 Euro to be spent on e.g. travel or hotel costs. 

Unfortunately, the tickets aren’t transferable to other people but you. 

F6S is a platform that serves the international start-up ecosystem. In order to apply for conference tickets provided by Wirecard Labs, you first need to easily create an account on F6S.  

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