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Wirecard Labs is the engine that drives Wirecard forward. We focus on what’s next in technology—and how to get there.


We foster a community of innovators that challenge what is possible.

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If you think like us, then you know that innovation happens when a community of disruptive thinkers comes together. Our research, initiatives, collaborations, prototypes, and workshops help build that community. Join us!

Our main focus for 2020 is developing FinTech with an impact. For us, this means meeting present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs. We’re also looking into the potential of new mobility, as well as data valuation as a future form of commerce.

Spark acceleration

We form partnerships to push digital tech, retail, mobility, and FinTech forward. This includes start-up matchmaking with Plug and Play, idea crowdsourcing, and working with partners like TUM and HEC Paris.

Create prototypes

We develop or co-create prototypes and showcases that make new product concepts tangible to our partners and validate their potential for the future of our product portfolio.

Dive into R&D

Our constant search for new trends goes beyond the world of payment and banking. We do customer-centered research that helps us meet future challenges head-on.

The future of payment will be fueled by young consumers’ desires and expectations. Hear their voices in our global market research.

Wirecard Innovation Challenge:
Ideas for the future

Innovation challenge

Our annual contest is a chance for young innovators all over the world to share their vision for future technologies.

With our first contest in 2019, we challenged contestants to come up with ideas that had the potential to shake up the world of payments.

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Innovation Timeline


Voice commerce

Forget paying with your phone. With smart home assistants, you’ll soon be able to pay with your voice. Voice commerce is an exciting new concept with huge potential.

Smart Mirror

Interactive tech brings the best of digital retail to fashion stores. Smart Mirror allows you to read product reviews, see available sizes, and even make a direct purchase.

Freedom to create

What is it like to grow up with a personal connection to technology? For us, it means empowering everyday life by making the world more digital.

The mobility revolution

Commerce on the move is a megatrend with a bright future. Find out how cashless, driverless, and electric innovations create new customer experiences in mobility.

Grab & Go Store

Our unmanned store concept makes frictionless, invisible payment a reality. Imagine paying for your purchases by simply walking out the door …

Join one of our digital workshops

We’re all about building community and supporting creative thinkers as they develop their ideas into successful projects. If that sounds like you, get in touch with us to put on a progressive innovation workshop. For the time being, our format will be purely digital. We’ll discuss upcoming trends in retail, FinTech, and banking that could help you stay one step ahead and find solutions to the unique challenges that digitalization brings. Take advantage of our team’s extensive experience.

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