SWIFT codes

Code for identifying a bank in the context of international transfers.

What is a SWIFT/BIC code?

The acronym “SWIFT” stands for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. This international association of financial institutions developed the SWIFT code (which can have eight or eleven characters) primarily to facilitate cross-border bank transfers. It is also known as the SWIFT/BIC or simply BIC (Business or Bank Identifier Code). The code identifies the bank receiving an international money transfer. The SWIFT/BIC code of Wirecard Bank AG is WIREDEMM.

The SWIFT code is comprised as follows:

  • Four-letter bank code (e.g. WIRE for Wirecard Bank)
  • Two-letter country code (e.g. DE for Germany)
  • Two-character location code (MM for Munich)
  • Three-character branch identifier
Swift Code

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