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  • Fraud attempt recognition

    Wirecard's complete solution nips attempted fraud in the bud by recognizing it during the electronic payment process. And it does it better and faster, making security pay off for you!

  • Industry specific solutions

    Behavior patterns can be entirely different from one industry to another, making it necessary to include industry-specific parameters to effectively avoid payment fraud.

    Wirecard offers you fraud prevention solutions according to your branch and e-Commerce business model.

About us.

85 payment and risk management solutions
15,000 customers
100 transaction currencies
973 employees

Wirecard ranks among the world’s leaders when it comes to processing online payment transactions, checking these for risks and performing international processing.

  • 15,000 customers from various industries
  • 973 employees
  • Over 100 transaction currencies
  • 85 payment and risk management solutions
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