Wirecard is making the future of payment sustainable

We are committed to sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

We are aware of our responsibility as a global company and partner of businesses all over the world. We focus our commitment on where we can make real impact: We want our actions to make a change for the better of everyone involved. This way we respect not only our values but also our responsibility towards our stakeholders.

Wirecard is committed to sustainable development

We want to drive societal change and be active where we can create real value for people and the planet. That’s why Wirecard is committing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability calls for systemic change. We are breaking down barriers, driving sustainable digitalization, and supporting businesses across the world as a reliable partner. We see ourselves as a key player in effecting positive changes for everyone while shaping the payment system of tomorrow.

We take our responsibility seriously: We focus on the essentials to effect a positive impact on the world through our business. We aim to convince rather than to claim. We seek to capitalize on strong values, authenticity, and credibility.

We want no one to be left behind

Our business supports hundreds of thousands small merchants and medium-sized businesses with their families and communities, every day.

The stability and prosperity of economies worldwide depends on people’s active participation. Today, five percent of our business caters to the underbanked people of the world, and we aim to steadily increase these efforts.

We drive financial inclusion in the regions where it is most relevant. We enable direct and easy access to financial services on demand with our products, transforming the financial situation of millions of people per year.

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We empower people

As a leading FinTech company, we provide quality jobs and contribute to economic development worldwide.

We support our 5.300+ employees, their families, and their communities in 26 countries by paying fair wages and offering long-term career perspectives. As a DAX 30 company and significant economic player, we are a strong and reliable pillar of the economy in the countries we operate in.

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We unleash the power of innovation

With our eyes always on the horizon, we are shaping the future of sustainable and inclusive payment today.

Our business is the future of payment: safe, inclusive, reliable, and efficient. We promote ideas with sustainable value for people and the planet, enable the value chains of tomorrow, and connect companies in new and transparent ways.

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We function as a FinTech accelerator and offer easy ways for start-ups and innovative players to realize their ideas.

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We enable potential

In our international community, we support everyone to unfold their capabilities—no matter who they are.

We are an international company with locations on all continents. Our employees come together from almost 100 nations. At Wirecard, everyone is welcome. We live diversity in our strong, interdisciplinary teams and support it on all career levels. We take pride in our gender ratio and are on a successful journey towards parity.

We also promote agile and individual ways of working. Our company culture is built on trust and mutual support.

We give planet earth a break

As a leading player in digitalization, we bolster sustainability in all our processes, are widely independent from natural resources, and offer products with a minimal ecological footprint.

As a fully digital company, our operations and products save resources and have minimal environmental impact. We work digitally, everywhere. Our processes are efficient, paperless, can be done anywhere, and have little need for travel. Where we have effects on the environment, we constantly work to reduce them.

We hold ourselves accountable for the performance of our products and continuously work on monitoring and improving our value chain.

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