Sales Incentives

Digitize incentives for sales reps and channel partners.

Our custom employee rewards programs are designed to drive sales revenue

The best rewards programs inspire top performers to reach even higher, while equipping management with actionable insights. The digital incentive solutions provided by Wirecard do more than deliver fast, flexible payouts for your sales reps, channel partners, and loyal employees. They also provide the tools, tracking, and proven strategies you need to take sales to the next level.

Optimize Your Incentives Program

The Solution

Our Sales Incentive Suite is an omnichannel payment solution that can be delivered via direct deposit, prepaid card, or virtual card and is usable anywhere Visa® or Mastercard® is accepted. The virtual card option allows sales personnel to access their funds immediately and manage their account online. Employers can modernize their operations and benefit from secure financial efficiency.

Why upgrade to sales incentives?

Reduce costs while boosting sales motivation among your employees

Provide faster delivery and immediate access to sales rewards

Gain data-driven insights into employee success

Smooth integration and customization to fit your needs

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