Payment in Installments

Higher sales through installment purchases with guaranteed payment

Small monthly installments for higher sales

Your customers will order more (especially high-priced) goods when installment purchase is a payment option as it allows convenient payments in small installments. For online retailers, this means new customer groups and larger shopping carts.

Our Payment in Installments solution integrates seamlessly into existing systems. After assessing the customer’s credit rating in real time during the payment process, Wirecard assumes the default risk and transfers the purchase amount to you. We also fully handle receivables management on your behalf.

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How our Payment in Installments solution benefits you:

  • Larger shopping carts and a higher conversion rate mean a targeted increase in sales and earnings.
  • A flexibly customizable white-label solution for installment purchases that seamlessly integrates into your existing shop
  • Automatic verification of the customers’ creditworthiness in real time
  • No risk for retailers thanks to our guaranteed payout, whether the buyer pays or not

Payment in Installments: Key features at a glance

Who can use Payment in Installments?

All online retailers registered in Germany with at least one year’s payment acceptance via Wirecard and minimum annual sales revenue of one million euros are eligible for the installment purchase payment option.

Better customer satisfaction

In most cases, your customers can set the term (3–24 or 36 months) and the amount of the monthly installments themselves.

Optimal payment mix

Offering the right payment options is crucial in persuading customers to actually complete their purchase. With Payment in Installments, you are accepting a payment method that is increasingly popular with consumers.

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