Creditworthiness checks

Check your customers’ credit rating—flexibly and in real time.

Prevent defaults with credit checks

Minimize defaults caused by customers’ lack of funds: by thoroughly checking their creditworthiness before approving orders. Wirecard offers you automated credit checking solutions for this. They apply information provided by the customer, supplemented by data from credit reporting agencies, to help you decide which payment options should be allowed.

Your benefits:

  • Ramp up your sales volume and profits while keeping risks manageable
  • Flexibly adapt your risk strategy to changing requirements
  • Leverage customers’ payment history and shopping basket data to strengthen their loyalty
  • Minimize payment defaults due to lack of credit

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Assess credit risks with information on creditworthiness

Data integrity checks

The identity, age and address of each of your customers are automatically verified. This alone can significantly reduce returns and reverse transaction costs. Correct data also make it easier for you to manage accounts receivable in case there are any defaults.

Credit checks

Major credit reporting agencies provide not only personal data on customers but also information on credit scores. These are valuable for identifying appropriate payment methods.

Setting credit limits

In addition to recommending payment modes, the Wirecard risk management system considers a customer’s creditworthiness in order to set appropriate credit limits for each one. This function is fully integrated and can be combined with other checks as required.

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