Consumer incentives

Digitize your consumer incentives program

Build a consumer incentives program that keeps customer coming back

The best incentives programs integrate with consumers’ lives while offering insight into their preferences. Wirecard delivers cutting-edge digital solutions designed to reward your customers with speed, choice, and convenience. We also provide the tracking tools and proven strategies consumer brands need to optimize the customer journey and inspire loyalty that lasts a lifetime.

Build a seamless incentives program

The Solution

Our turnkey solution is proven to motivate consumers and provide quick, flexible, and convenient access to funds. Cards can be custom branded and used anywhere Visa® or Mastercard® is accepted to maximize consumer value and drive spend back to your company or other merchants. We offer customizable payment delivery so consumers can choose their preferred method of payment, including ACH, virtual card, or plastic card.

Why upgrade to consumer incentives?

Data-driven insights into customer behavior

Dedicated end-to-end support and around-the-clock customer service

More opportunities to engage customers and build loyalty

Convenience, flexibility, and security

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