Apple Pay

Fast, cashless payment with Apple — mobile and at the point of sale.

Apple Pay integration speeds up payment

The digital world moves fast and so do your customers. Apple Pay is a fast and easy way for customers to make purchases with their Apple devices. With card data and fulfillment details stored in an Apple Wallet, all a customer needs for payment is their iPhone or other Apple device with Touch ID or Face ID. By catering to the mobile-first, digital generation of customers, you can drive conversions and improve customer loyalty.

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How to accept Apple Pay payments and gain a competitive edge

In this video you can see how integrating Apple Pay as a merchant helps you build the ultimate customer experience to stay ahead of your competitors.

Apple on the web: Streamlining checkout and payment

When shopping online, customers demand a convenient experience. Apple Pay accelerates the payment process and removes any unnecessary and time-consuming steps—including 3D Secure challenge pages. Customers can complete payment in a personalized payment sheet where all card, contact, and shipping data from their Apple Wallet is pre-entered and ready to submit. After confirming with Touch or Face ID, payment is complete and your customer satisfied.

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Happy customers, healthy conversion rates: Benefits with Apple Pay

Apple Pay has hundreds of millions of users worldwide and represents huge potential. By implementing the latest payment methods that customers demand, you reduce friction at the checkout and encourage shoppers to make a purchase.

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Apple Pay: All benefits at a glance


Quick and easy checkout leads to customer satisfaction and boosted conversions


Easy integration worldwide on your website or in your store


Payment data is safeguarded and encrypted with high-level security


Streamlined customer experience on all channels

Sensitive card data? It’s all taken care of

Payment directives and standards keep transactions secure, but can be a headache for merchants. Apple Pay meets strong customer authentication (SCA) requirements, and protects transactions with a dynamic security code and a device-specific account number. These are transmitted to your system in place of the account data usually required for credit card payments. Using tokenization, Apple Pay provides a win-win. Sensitive data is never visible to merchants, removing your PCI burden and ensuring compliance with the Revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) with SCA. Customers benefit from paying quickly and securely, with prefilled data and a payment method they trust. Together, Wirecard and Apple ensure high-level fraud prevention, so you can concentrate on pleasing customers.

Speed, security, and simplicity for POS transactions

Apple Pay benefits you and your in-store customers in a host of ways. For your customer, a key advantage is contactless, cashless payment via Touch ID or Face ID—with all preferred cards safely stored in their Apple Wallet. There is no integration required for Apple Pay at POS, so you can begin accepting convenient contactless payments from users straightaway.

  • Faster checkout, with no PIN or signature required
  • Impressively low fraud rates with Apple Pay
  • PSD2 compliance with SCA—no hidden complications
  • Contactless, convenient, clean; users touch only their device

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