Tread new paths with innovative payment solutions

Issue customized payment solutions and benefit from international growth, lower overhead, and simplified payment processes.

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Optimize your business processes with unique payment solutions

Optimize your business processes with unique payment solutions

Enable customers and employees to make payments globally in a wide variety of ways: with solutions ranging from card products all the way to digital banking and payment apps.

We’re the experts for issuing and technically integrating payment solutions. In addition to a wide range of modular end-to-end solutions and flexibly customizable white-label products, we also provide you with all required licenses.

Mobile made easy: convenient online payment

These days, smartphones are people’s constant companions. This makes them ideal touchpoints for communicating with your customers. Barcode payment, NFC, or mobile wallets or apps: mobile payment options are must-haves for every forward-looking company.

Offer your customers a complete package: for booking trips, checking bonus points, conveniently making purchases in online shops, and much more. With Wirecard, you have the entire spectrum of seamlessly integrated payment solutions at your disposal.

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Flexible and innovative: card programs and payouts in real time

With Wirecard, you can freely choose Mastercard, UATP, or Visa cards in physical or virtual formats. This lets you provide your own, fully customizable payment solutions to customers or employees.

You benefit from fast, secure, low-cost B2B transactions. Our virtual cards ensure that credited funds are immediately available for use, without any foreign exchange risks.

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Boost your sales with modular payment solutions and loyalty programs

It’s easy and straightforward for you to enable payments: with modular solutions or in combination with other services. Wirecard ensures fast implementation with predefined, seamlessly integrated payment technologies. Benefit from proven standard solutions that can be easily adapted to meet the requirements of different countries and applications. Always with the goal of optimizing internal processes, trimming general overhead, and increasing your long-term sales.

Incentive solutions
Greater customer loyalty and employee satisfaction from the use of globally available payment systems, reward programs, and virtual coupons.
Disbursement solutions
Innovative payment solutions for optimizing internal processes and facilitating refunds and disbursements.
Compensation solutions
Satisfied, motivated employees thanks to digital remuneration solutions for straightforward, on-time payment of wages, salaries, and bonuses.

Flexibly design all your solutions as needed

In addition to comprehensive payment solutions, we offer you all relevant services from an accredited bank: everything from end-to-end payment technologies to the licenses required to handle digital payments.

Drawing on our many years of experience and extensive industry competence, we work with you to identify the most suitable card program to achieve your business goals. And that’s not all: you can also flexibly configure our white-label products and even harmonize them to reflect your corporate identity.

Card forms
The Wirecard portfolio includes everything from plastic cards to wearables and virtual and mobile card solutions.
Card types
Issue card products that can be freely customized as required, based on the card scheme of your choice (Mastercard, UATP or Visa).
Integrate tailor-made customer loyalty programs and unique features for different target groups.

Combined payment solutions for has teamed up with Wirecard to develop a card that not only facilitates payment in other countries, but also eliminates currency conversion fees.
Customers can top up the Multi-Currency Travel Card with various currencies to easily make payments worldwide across all channels.

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Mobile payment and white-label solutions for digital cards

boon. is our proprietary mobile payment solution for making contactless payments at the POS, shopping online, or sending money to family and friends. With our boon. app, your customers can pay easily and securely while enjoying the latest technology and state-of-the-art usability.

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Benefit from an ideal mix of payment acceptance and processing

With our support, it’s quick and easy to bolster your sales. Our ideal mix of payment acceptance and processing, backed by customizable card programs, lets you significantly speed up your processes while slashing costs at the same time.

Put all desired payment methods at your customers’ fingertips by combining issuing and acceptance!

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Please note that money transmission services are not available in the United States.

Everything you need, from one source

We’ll work with you to find the best possible solution for your business.

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