The payment mix

Benefits Of A Good Payment Mix

What matters most to online shoppers

Customers are demanding and fickle when it comes to paying. Many online shoppers will even abruptly back out at the last moment if a merchant doesn’t offer them their preferred payment method. Other challenges include:

Offering payment options to meet the wishes of as many customers as possible

Identifying and eliminating frequent causes of shopping cart abandonment

Taking payment preferences in different countries into account

Boosting online sales without increasing your workload and overhead

Learn more about the advantages of a good payment mix

Download our “Payment Mix” white paper to learn how you can prevent shopping cart abandonment in your online shop.

The white paper answers all of the important questions:

  • What are the most common reasons for aborted purchases?
  • How can you satisfy demanding online shoppers?
  • Which payment modes are most important in an online shop?
  • How can you attract more customers by offering the right payment mix?