Electronic shelf labels

Electronic Shelf Labels

Scan, pay and go: shopping can be this easy!

Shopping without standing in line? This dream shared by many people is about to come true now with mobile self-checkout. Take advantage of all the benefits of digital price tags now:

Greater convenience for your customers

A personalized and seamless travel experience

Improved conversion and turnover

Optimized logistics and occupancy

Why electronic shelf labels are going to revolutionize the shopping experience

Download our white paper "Digitalization at the POS: How Electronic Shelf Labels are Going to Revolutionize the Shopping Experience" and discover how you can meet your customers' growing expectations by delivering a smart shopping experience.

Want to learn more about the benefits of electronic price tags? Read our white paper to find out how:

  • You can ensure a seamless shopping experience
  • You benefit from digitized payment processes
  • Value-added services can help you win and keep more customers