Cross-border loyalty programs

Cross Border Loyalty

The challenge of cross-border loyalty programs

Over the past years, loyalty programs have become increasingly sophisticated: from the classic stamp card to comprehensive digital solutions with app-based coupons, rewards, and payment functions. Yet, many globally operating companies find it a challenge to give customers a seamless loyalty program across borders—although the benefits are obvious:

A single customer loyalty program for all customers worldwide

A convenient and uniform shopping experience for customers

Added value through the intelligent dovetailing of relevant services

Omnichannel solutions, which can be used both online and at the POS

Unleash the potential of cross-border and cross-currency loyalty programs

Download the white paper “Cross-Border Loyalty Programs: Why You Should Think about Customer Loyalty Worldwide” and learn about the great potential of global loyalty programs.

In the white paper, find out how you can implement customer loyalty programs without regional restrictions and how companies and customers can benefit. You will also learn:

  • How to award loyalty points even with different currencies
  • How loyalty and payment solutions are already being used successfully today
  • How you can offer your customers genuine added value with global loyalty programs
  • What innovative solutions Wirecard has for cross-border loyalty programs