Prepaid credit cards

Learn more about prepaid credit cards.

What is a prepaid credit card?

A prepaid credit card―with very few exceptions―can be used exactly like a normal credit card. It differs from a conventional credit card in the sense that it doesn’t have a credit line. Instead, the card owner directly loads money onto it and can then use it to make purchases at the POS or e-commerce. The cards are available in plastic and virtual versions.

  • Usable for a wide range of purposes worldwide
  • Flexibly designable as white-label products
  • Optimal tracking of all expenditures

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How does a prepaid credit card work?

Using a prepaid credit card is virtually indistinguishable from paying with an ordinary credit card. It can be used to make cashless payments in physical stores or online. Depending on the issuer, many prepaid cards also let you withdraw cash from ATMs. Occasionally these cards lack the embossing that is typical of normal credit cards.

The differences are greater with respect to how payments are handled. In the case of conventional credit cards, the issuing bank grants the cardholder a monthly credit limit that doesn’t have to be repaid until a specified date. With a prepaid card, the holder can only spend money they have previously loaded onto it.

Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards from Visa and Mastercard―when do they make sense?

Where prepaid credit cards are concerned, payout cards or multi-currency travel cards are good choices. They can be used to make payments to employees or customers anywhere in the world, and companies can easily adapt them to meet their particular needs. Thanks to white-label solutions, they can also easily adorn them with their own corporate design.

The attributes of prepaid credit cards at a glance

Simple use

Prepaid credit cards are straightforward and quick to obtain and use.

Diverse uses

For salaries, damages, or costs―prepaid cards accommodate all requirements.

Easy to monitor

Prepaid credit cards make it simple to keep track of all costs.

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