Mail order/telephone order (MOTO)

Payment solutions for orders placed in writing or by phone.

What does mail order/telephone order mean?

The acronym “MOTO” stands for “mail order/telephone order" in other words, orders that arrive by email, regular mail, phone,or fax, and are paid for by credit card. MOTO can also refer to card not present (CNP payments), although these are getting rarer.

There are three ways to execute credit card payments:

  • POS solution: for transactions in physical stores
  • e-commerce solutions: for transactions in online shops
  • MOTO solutions: for transactions initiated by email, phone, etc.

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What should merchants keep in mind about MOTO payments?

Many customers are reluctant to divulge their credit card data because they are afraid of becoming fraud victims. Merchants who wish to accept MOTO payments must therefore create a secure payment environment for their customers.

The merchants themselves run a greater risk of fraud, for example as a result of illegitimate chargebacks. Since customers don’t sign for MOTO transactions and there is no need to enter a PIN, under some circumstances it may be difficult to prove that the actual cardholder has authorized payment. This makes it important to implement an risk management strategy tailored to MOTO payments.

Mail Ordertelephone Order

It’s this easy for merchants to accept payments by phone or email.


A virtual terminal for accepting MOTO payments is just as easy and convenient to use as a POS terminal.


Various security features additionally safeguard MOTO payments―reliably for both merchants and their customers.


MOTO payments add a personal touch to placing orders: an aspect that many customers appreciate.

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