IP / BIN Check

Detect early warning signs of online payment fraud.

What is an IP/BIN check?

IP/BIN checks help prevent fraud in credit card transactions. Both the IP (Internet protocol) address of the device used and the BIN (bank identification number) of the card are analyzed. This makes it possible to check the customer’s location against the card’s country of origin. Certain combinations of countries can serve as criteria for allowing or rejecting payments.

  • Reduced risk of fraud
  • Detection of suspicious patterns
  • Invisible checks in real time

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How do IP/BIN checks work?

Detect fraud patterns through combined analysis.

What does an IP address indicate?

It is comparable to a postal address or phone number. It identifies devices (e.g. smartphones, laptops, or other computers) and allows them to communicate with one another. An IP address also reveals a customer’s current location (i.e. where they are accessing the Internet).

What does a BIN express?

A BIN consists of the first six digits of a (typically 16-digit) credit card number. A BIN reveals the bank that issued the card and its country of origin.

Ip Bin Check

Online merchants can perform IP/BIN checks while defining which combinations of countries are acceptable for different payment methods. If a particular combination correlates with an especially high risk of fraud, they can completely block all associated transactions in their shop or require the customer to use a different payment method.

How do merchants benefit from IP/BIN checks?

Minimized risk of fraud

IP/BIN checks let merchants reduce the risk of fraud in their shops.

Inconspicuous and fast

Data and country combinations are quickly and invisibly checked during the ordering process.

Timely detection

Fraudulent transactions are stopped before they can cause any harm.

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