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The Innovation Challenge

Participants from all over the world can share how they envision the future of payment. Winners will be chosen based on originality and the value and potential of their insights. The platform will close mid November, so sign up now and get started!

Fast Support: Your Benefits with ePOS

In this series of tutorials, we’ll take you through the features and benefits of the Wirecard mobile payments solution. Find out how to increase revenue, boost customer satisfaction and optimize payments with the Wirecard ePOS. Digitizing your retail store has never been easier.

Wirecard Easy Life

Live gigs create unforgettable memories for fans and artists alike. We accompanied singer-songwriter Lions Head for a day on his Golden Tour. In the video, we show how digital technologies are increasingly influencing our everyday life, whether it’s the way we live, shop, or interact with each other. #EasyLife

Join the Cashless Crew

Every two weeks, we present a new episode packed with fun and entertainment on topics that affect our daily lives including money, technology and digitalization. In this episode, we talk about five crazy technologies. But watch out! On is made up to test your tech knowledge! Let’s see if you can find out which one it is.

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