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Born Digital

What is it like to grow up with technology and have a unique connection to digitalization? For us, it means empowering everyday life by making the world more digital. We are Generation #borndigital

Fast Support: Your Benefits with ePOS

In this series of tutorials, we’ll take you through the features and benefits of the Wirecard mobile payments solution. Find out how to increase revenue, boost customer satisfaction and optimize payments with the Wirecard ePOS. Digitizing your retail store has never been easier.

Global Shopping Report

As shoppers continue to use a variety of channels to engage with their favorite brands and retailers, Wirecard has surveyed 4,500 consumers around the world to find out what they expect from online and physical stores. This report gives insight into an ever-evolving industry. The combination of digital and in-store retail offers consumers more choice over where, when and how they buy—with most now seeking a unified commerce experience.

Join the Cashless Crew

Every two weeks, we present a new episode packed with fun and entertainment on topics that affect our daily lives including payment, technology and digitalization. In this episode of Cashless Crew, Knight Rider and Bond are against Smartwatch!

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