Wirecard enables fully digital Chinese payment methods on board Tallink Grupp ships

Tallink is one of the leading transportation providers in the Baltic Sea region

Jana Tilz
Corporate media inquiries
Jana Tilz

VP Corporate Communications & Branding

Mar 04, 2019

Around 500,000 tourists benefit from fully digital payment solutions on Tallink Grupp’s vessels By providing innovative digital payment solutions to one of the leading transportation providers in the Baltic Sea region, Wirecard further strengthens its position in the travel industry

Wirecard, the global innovation leader in digital financial technology, is enabling Tallink Grupp to accept the most popular Chinese payment methods, such as Alipay, onboard its fleet. Tallink Grupp is the leading passenger and cargo transportation service provider in the Northern region of the Baltic Sea and operates 14 vessels on seven different routes. The growing share of passengers from the Far East will benefit greatly from this cooperation to pay for goods and services onboard with their preferred payment methods. The integration was realized together with Wirecard partner Cimple Marketing.

In 2018, Tallink Grupp carried a total of 9.8 million passengers. Asian tourists are one of the largest customer groups for the company, with the number of Chinese passengers growing steadily over the last few years.

Paul Noorkõiv, Tallink Grupp’s Vice CIO, said, “It is important that we take our Chinese customers’ shopping preferences into account. According to our customer value proposal to offer an enjoyable travel experience, we make it as comfortable as possible for our guests to pay for goods, offering them the same options they are used to from back home. The collaboration with Wirecard allows us to deliver a seamless payment process to enhance the guest experience onboard.”

Jan Rübel, Head of Sales Travel & Transport at Wirecard, added, “When traveling abroad, Chinese tourists are most likely to spend their money on duty free and retail shopping. Studies show that this target audience will buy even more if they can use their preferred payment methods.” Stephan Ritzenhoff, Head of Partner Management, Travel & Mobility at Wirecard, said, “Together with Cimple Marketing, we are pleased to help the Tallink and Silja Lines tap into this potential by enabling them to accept popular Chinese digital payment methods onboard their ships.”

The partnership benefits Chinese customers who can pay cashless on Tallink’s ships as if they were in their home country, without the need to exchange cash into a foreign currency. In addition, they can also take advantage of special offers and coupons. By introducing such a comprehensive payment approach, fully digitized payment methods are also lucrative for merchants and suppliers.