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Wirecard is one of the world's fastest-growing digital platforms in the area of financial commerce. We offer both businesses and consumers a constantly growing ecosystem of value-added services for innovative digital payments: online, mobile, and at the point of sale.


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Revenues: 49(mio.)

Revenues: 82(mio.)

Revenues: 134(mio.)

Revenues: 228(mio.)

Revenues: 325(mio.)

Revenues: 395(mio.)

Revenues: 482(mio.)

Revenues: 601(mio.)

Revenues: 771(mio.)

Revenues: 1028(mio.)

Revenues: 1489(mio.)

Revenues: 2020(mio.)

EBITDA: 10(mio.)

EBITDA: 20(mio.)

EBITDA: 35(mio.)

EBITDA: 61(mio.)

EBITDA: 85(mio.)

EBITDA: 109(mio.)

EBITDA: 126(mio.)

EBITDA: 173(mio.)

EBITDA: 227(mio.)

EBITDA: 367(mio.)

EBITDA: 410(mio.)

EBITDA: 560(mio.)

Net Profit: 8(mio.)

Net Profit: 15(mio.)

Net Profit: 30(mio.)

Net Profit: 45(mio.)

Net Profit: 61(mio.)

Net Profit: 73(mio.)

Net Profit: 83(mio.)

Net Profit: 108(mio.)

Net Profit: 143(mio.)

Net Profit: 267(mio.)

Net Profit: 260(mio.)

Net Profit: 347(mio.)


Values and vision

In everything we do, our focus is on shaping the future of digital payment solutions. We constantly strive to consolidate and bolster our own technology leadership by spotting market trends early and developing our own.

We achieve this goal by settling for nothing less than top quality in all of the solutions we develop. And agility, passion and vision build the cornerstones of our sustainable, profit-oriented corporate growth.


With constantly evolving requirements and rules, new digital sales channels and global markets: to ensure fast and above all clear decisions, Wirecard relies on a seasoned management team with comprehensive digital financial expertise and a clear vision of our journey’s destination.


Our values and vision are also consistently mirrored in our company’s strategic objectives. Besides ongoing innovation, these mainly include steadily broadening and honing our portfolio of payment solutions and focusing on our customers. As a globally active business, we also benefit from a worldwide network for serving clients across all imaginable industries with unique financial technologies for cashless handling of payments.


Rely on pioneering payment solutions and services―from a single source and digital platform.

Wirecard offers you a constantly growing range of forward-looking technologies and flexible, customizable services for cashless payments. To consistently provide you with leading-edge payment systems, we never stop enhancing our products. An interdepartmental innovation process in our Wirecard Innovation Labs helps us to put new ideas into practice as efficiently as possible and provide you with groundbreaking financial technologies.

The result: solutions that deliver genuine added value for you, our customers.

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Global reach

Grow with us: bank on a global network and an internationally available range of services.

The Wirecard Group is a global provider of financial technology, which is at home all over the world, from Europe across the Middle East and Africa to Asia Pacific and the Americas.

We operate regulated financial institutions in several key markets and holds licenses from all major payment and card networks. A total of more than 5,300 colleagues work at locations in 26 nations.

We provide both business customers and consumers with a constantly expanding ecosystem of real-time value-added services built around innovative digital payments by using an integrated B2B2C approach. This ecosystem concentrates on the areas payment and risk, retail and transaction banking, loyalty and couponing, data analytics and conversion rate enhancement in all sales channels (online, mobile, ePOS).


You can benefit from our globally proven solutions for a vast spectrum of industries.

More than 279,000 companies rely on our innovative technologies and services for conducting business internationally. They include global players, small and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups in the travel & mobility, retail, e-commerce, banking and telecommunications sectors.



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