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Whether international expansion, higher conversion rates, or secure payment processes are on your agenda, we go all out to actively support you in achieving your business goals. Having merged the capabilities of an innovative tech company with those of a bank, we are ideally positioned to help you achieve even greater success across all sales channels.

Better conversion rates

A company’s sales revenues directly depend on its conversion rates. Payment solutions that are seamlessly integrated in the ordering process, as well as smart customer loyalty programs, are essential for making sure that your customers have a positive shopping experience―which in turn boosts the conversion rate.

Wirecard offers you a whole range of products and services for this, finely tuned to harmonize with your particular business model and target markets.

International growth

As markets steadily globalize, it is becoming more and more important for enterprises to venture beyond their home markets. But their success hinges on adapting to local conditions.

This includes adopting the payment modes that customers there prefer. For smooth handling anywhere in the world, Wirecard offers you the right payment and acceptance solutions from leading card providers.


Flexible integration

At the point of sale, in e-commerce, or mobile shopping: Today’s consumers expect convenient, straightforward payment. More than ever before, merchants like you therefore need a reliable, flexible and capable solution for handling digital payments.

The global Wirecard multichannel platform offers you a nuanced menu of payment methods for all sales channels, all of which can be quickly and easily integrated into existing IT structures.

Maximum security

Where payments are concerned, security is the basis for generating trust and ensuring success. Your customers expect secure payment, so for you as an entrepreneur it’s crucial to intelligently minimize the associated risks.

Wirecard deploys certified validation and encryption technologies to ensure maximum security in all payment processes, also safeguarding you from payment defaults and fraud worldwide.

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