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Forging a successful future together

Whether your goal is international growth, a higher conversion rate, or secure payment processes, you can achieve it with us. We combine the abilities of an innovative tech company with those of a bank. Our forward-looking payment services ensure your success―across all sales channels.

Improved conversion

Payment solutions that are seamlessly integrated in the ordering process, together with clever customer loyalty programs, ensure a positive shopping experience. They increase your conversion rate and therefore also your sales.

We provide a large palette of products and services for this―perfectly customized to suit your business model and target markets.

International growth

The globalization of markets is advancing. Those who optimally adapt to country-specific requirements and conditions are well-placed to succeed internationally. One essential ingredient is offering preferred payment methods in every target market.

Our payment and acceptance solutions from leading card service providers ensure smooth payments worldwide.


Flexible integration

At the point of sale, in e-commerce, or in mobile shopping: It’s always vital for payment processes to be simple and secure. As a merchant, you need a powerful, reliable, and flexible solution for managing digital payments. Our global multichannel platform offers you a wide choice of payment methods for all sales channels.

And best of all: They’re quick and easy to integrate in your existing IT structures.

Maximum security

Your customers can expect a secure payment process. And you, as an entrepreneur, can look forward to effective risk management. We apply the strictest security standards and certified checking and encryption methods in all payment processes.
Our intelligent risk management systems safeguard you from payment defaults and fraud―worldwide.

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