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Encrypting and protecting credit card data can be this easy

Credit card data are a sensitive issue―and not only for consumers. This is also true for every company that accepts, or is thinking about accepting, credit card payments. Luckily, the tokenization solution available from Wirecard minimizes your risks when offering this payment mode to customers, while also saving you the expenditure and effort required to obtain PCI DSS certification. Instead of actual card numbers, surrogates called tokens are used. The sensitive original data themselves are stored in encrypted form on an off-site server where they are safe from unauthorized access. You too can take advantage of this solution to protect yourself and your customers from cardholder data theft!

Your benefits:

  • Ultra-fast PCI compliance
  • Reduced auditing costs
  • Enhanced security and brand protection
  • Seamless integration into your own system

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Overview of features

PCI-compliant implementation

The Wirecard tokenization technology obeys the guidelines issued by the PCI Security Standards Council and is certified as complying with PCI DSS and PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard).

Complete integration

Our tokenization server can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system for easy, straightforward use of tokens for payment transactions in all of your IT applications.

Flexibly configurable

The tokenization modules that Wirecard deploys are freely configurable. For example, alphanumeric sequences can be generated that precisely match the data format of credit cards. This eliminates the need to adjust them to existing systems.

Greater security in the online travel market with the Wirecard Travel Token

We use unique industry solutions to simplify complex structures for our clients. The Wirecard Travel Token is an innovative, PCI-DSS-compliant solution that we have created specifically for the online travel market. It enables you to securely and seamlessly process card payments in a PCI-compliant environment, throughout the booking chain. The token can be made available across systems at any time, or converted back into the original credit card data. The solution is technology- and platform-independent and very easy to integrate without incurring large costs.

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