Payment gateway

Use the payment gateway plug-in to securely process your payments.

We organize your payment systems; you have time to drive the growth of your online business

Meet the Wirecard Payment Gateway: a plug-in for complete payment processing, from purchases to crediting the money to your account.

Process online payments securely and conveniently in real time:

  • Easy integration
  • A flexibly adaptable solution for meeting your needs
  • High level of data transfer security: PCI standard

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What exactly is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a service provider that enables payments to online retailers. It’s analogous to the POS terminals in physical stores everywhere.
The payment gateway thus forms the interface between the transactions taking place on the website and the payment processor.

Payment Gateways

Stay on the safe side with the payment gateway process

Let us show you why, as an online retailer, you should rely on a payment gateway:

  • A customer selects product in your online shop and pays for it by credit card.
  • The customer’s details and credit card information are securely sent to the payment gateway. This serves as a guardian between the customer and the bank.
  • The customer’s bank checks whether the customer has enough credit and communicates this to the credit card network.
  • The credit card network passes this information to the payment processor, which is a special financial institution.
  • If the transaction is approved, the payment processor forwards this information to the payment gateway so the transaction can be completed.
  • Now the retailer can ship the goods, and the money is transferred to their account.

The entire process takes only two to three seconds. As an online retailer, you are always on the safe side thanks to the in-depth check of your customer’s liquidity.

Wirecard: the ideal partner for your online business

Payment Gateways: Your advantages with Wirecard

  • Easy integration of all online payments
  • Customized e-commerce solutions for every company
  • Always at the cutting edge of technology
  • Connections to over 200 international payment networks
  • More than 100 transaction currencies
  • 25,000 customers across a wide range of industries

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