Multi-Currency Travel Card

The prepaid credit card that offers customers and employees new freedom when travelling

Make global payments in different currencies easy

Worldwide travel is booming. Nevertheless, when paying abroad, travellers are confronted with constantly fluctuating exchange rates and high foreign exchange fees. With the Multi-Currency Travel Card, Wirecard offers you an innovative means of payment with which your customers and employees can make payments easily and securely worldwide. As the prepaid credit card, which can be topped up, can also be configured for multiple currencies, you avoid having to pay annoying foreign exchange fees for transactions or withdrawing cash on international trips.

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Easy payment abroad – with no foreign exchange fees

The Multi-Currency Travel Card from Wirecard enables your customers and employees to pay easily in the local currency on holiday or on business trips, with just one prepaid credit card. This practical payment method can be used both in its classic form as a physical card and virtually as a smartphone app. The innovative travel credit card is issued via the Wirecard Issuing Platform, where the different currencies can be set up, credit can be topped up, and a summary of all transactions made can be downloaded or viewed.

Multi-Currency Travel Card: for more freedom on the move

Enable your customers and employees to pay easily and securely worldwide. Simply top up the Wirecard prepaid card with your desired local currencies and define the security settings: Now your employees and customers can enjoy carefree travel without any annoying foreign exchange fees.

The benefits for you as the card issuer

  • Flexible choice of currencies
  • Customisable white-label solution
  • Different design options available
  • Better exchange rates and optimised monitoring of revenue
  • Simplified accounting and lower costs for cash conversion
  • Easy to integrate with existing systems

The most important features for you at a glance:

White-label solution

Using the Wirecard Issuing Portal, you can customise individual travel credit cards and set up the local currencies available depending on the intended purpose and destination.

Easy integration

Thanks to existing BIN sponsorships worldwide and because no or only minor adjustments to existing structures are necessary, the Multi-Currency Travel Card can be integrated easily and rapidly.

Loyalty programme

The travel credit card is the best choice for cross-selling campaigns and loyalty programmes, where users are awarded with loyalty points or attractive discounts for making transactions abroad.

The benefits for your customers and employees as cardholders

  • Globally accepted means of payment based on Visa or Mastercard
  • No foreign exchange fees when paying or withdrawing cash abroad
  • Can be cancelled immediately in case of loss or theft
  • Optimal control thanks to digital services on the smartphone app
  • Prepaid credit card can be topped up

The most important features at a glance:

Prepaid credit card

The travel credit card can be set up in advance for the different currencies required and topped up with a maximum card balance.

No foreign exchange fees

As well as converting foreign currencies in real time, the prepaid credit card enables secure payment and cash withdrawals worldwide with no foreign exchange fees.

Worldwide acceptance

This practical travel credit card is accepted at all Visa or Mastercard terminals and ATMs as a global means of payment.

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