Offer a seamless loyalty experience by bundling rewards with payment.

A customer engagement ecosystem for the ideal shopping experience

In addition to innovative payment options, Wirecard also offers a wide range of customer engagement solutions to boost your customers’ loyalty and build a long-lasting relationship. These solutions work hand-in-hand with our payment services, creating an ecosystem where both you and your customers have an enjoyable experience. The entire solution can be managed through an intuitive and flexible self-service platform, enabling you to configure every aspect of the customer engagement program just the way you like it!

Your benefits:

  • Coalition loyalty: Join the coalition space with our self-service platform and let your partners create special offers.
  • Cross-border loyalty: Give customers the borderless experience of collecting and redeeming points worldwide.

  • Customized loyalty: Send individualized offers based on purchase history and geolocation.

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How merchants benefit from a payment-based loyalty program

Create your own personalized omnichannel loyalty program through our self-service platform. It can be seamlessly integrated into your existing payment processes, giving you access to transaction and customer loyalty data in real time.

  • One single platform for payment and loyalty
  • Different loyalty instruments such as points, cashback, vouchers, and gift cards, and targeted offers can be applied in combination or independently
  • Additional tier levels can be used to differentiate customers and provide the most loyal customers with exclusive services and rewards
  • A wallet solution to reward end users instantly with cashback or loyalty points by paying with a card
  • A broad range of events based on customer behavior or real actions
  • Pre- or post-purchase redemption
  • Flexible white-label solutions that fit your business

How customers can enjoy a more personalized loyalty experience

Your customers will never miss a loyalty reward since campaigns are tied to their payments. They can also receive notifications about nearby offers based on their geolocation, giving them a more personalized experience.

  • Cross-border use with dynamic currency conversion
  • Relevant offers and promotions
  • Instant gratification and use of loyalty rewards

Boost customer engagement with our flexible solutions:


Choose the program that best fits your customers and business

Point-based program

Customers earn loyalty points for purchases based on their payment transactions. Points are as good as cash, since the customers can pay for future purchases with their points.

Tier-based program

Differentiating customers into tier levels allows multi-level targeting and tier-specific campaigns. Customers can be upgraded to the next level and get access to exclusive services and perks.

Cashback program

Cashback rewards are tied to payment transactions, so the customer enjoys instant gratification on completing a payment.

Voucher / gift card

Wirecard gift cards and coupons are a closed-loop alternate payment method that helps you boost sales. You can choose between monetary or non-monetary vouchers available in different form factors.

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