Win customers with Alipay

Accept payments via Alipay app and attract profitable Chinese customers.

Alipay is China’s leading mobile payment app, with more than 520 million users. So it’s obvious that if you accept this market-leading payment mode, you can win many more well-heeled customers and lift your sales volume to new heights.

If you integrate Alipay (which Wirecard supports) in your shop, Chinese customers will be glad that they can use Alipay, which they know and trust, to conveniently make cashless payments just by scanning a QR code. You will benefit from reduced costs and work, in addition to an extra boost for your business.

Ursula Kletti, Shop Manager at Eurotrade / Munich Airport
“We have had exclusively positive feedback from our Chinese customers, who are really happy to be able to use their accustomed payment method while traveling.”