Mobile payment is revolutionizing the shopping experience

Watch this video to see how you too can enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Wouldn’t you like to go shopping without having to waste time standing in line for the privilege of paying? Mobile payment makes this possible. Wirecard and SES-imagotag have teamed up to forge a solution that enables a seamless shopping experience by allowing customers to pay on-site with their phones, anywhere, and anytime. No need to download apps, no registration forms, no more waits!

Customers wishing to buy a product only have to scan its digital price tag (QR code). E-coupons and relevant product data can also be provided during the process, so all required information is in view. To finalize the purchase, they then only have to select a payment mode on their smartphone.

Would you too like to save valuable time while shopping? If so, watch this video to see how mobile payment can greatly speed up the process.

Choose, scan, pay: mobile payment is quick and easy.