Pay Better Playbook: Sales Incentives

Sales incentives playbook

Pay sales reps quickly and profitably

Incentives are among today’s most important tools for attracting, retaining, and motivating sales reps. In our Pay Better Playbook, Wirecard shows you how to build a sales incentives program that works harder for you—one that’s cost-effective, strategic, and packed with added value. You’ll learn what sales reps look for in the incentives experience, and how to make payment more profitable for you and your team. Download the free playbook to start unlocking the full potential of your incentives program at less than the cost of traditional payment.

Discover how digital sales incentives reduce costs and improve ROI.

Leverage sales incentives to attract, motivate, and retain top sales talent.

Learn what reps expect from incentives—like faster payment.

Explore the value-added benefits of digital sales incentives.

85% of workers say they’d work more frequently if they were paid faster. The Wirecard Pay Better Playbook shows how to turn your incentives program into a strategy to drive high performance—for less than what you currently pay to issue sales compensation.

You’ll discover:

  • Sales rep expectations for the ideal incentives experience
  • Ways to optimize and add value to incentives
  • The benefits of digital payments—from speed to data
  • And more!