Destination: Digital Refunds

Refunds Report

Digital refunds reduce costs and improve the customer journey

Digital refunds not only cost significantly less than traditional checks—they’re customers’ top choice! Over 48% of customers prefer digital refunds to other methods. Beyond consumer preferences, a better refund drives desirable customer behaviors—from positive social sharing to win-back. Our 2019 Credit Balance Refund Report reveals how to turn this often-overlooked payment scenario into a competitive advantage.

Discover what customers want from the refund experience.

Find out how refunds drive customer win-back.

Learn when refunds influence positive social sharing.

Compare your current refund processes with consumer preferences.

The road to a better refund: the Wirecard 2019 Credit Balance Refunds Report

Whether you’re squaring up accounts with an exiting customer or simply making good on an overpayment, refunds matter. In fact, 82% of customers who returned to a previous service provider said the credit balance refund experience was a factor. In our 2019 report, we uncover how digital refunds cut costs, improve operational efficiencies and deliver on customer expectations for convenience, choice and speed.

Download the report to discover:

  • Customer expectations for the ideal credit balance refund
  • Consequences of positive and negative refund experiences
  • Benefits of upgrading your refund process
  • And more!