Consumer Index Report

Consumer Index

Using consumer insights to build systems for deep integration and global impact

Know your customers. Design strategies that work. Combining reports and insights from US consumer surveys, the Wirecard Consumer Index connects the dots between consumers, technology, and the retail experience — and the strategies you can use to boost brand affinity, optimize user experience, and build your business.

Discover what motivates consumers to adopt new payment technologies

Understand consumer preferences for online vs. brick-and-mortar shopping experiences

Learn how mobile devices affect consumers’ brand relationships

Gain insight into international ecommerce, and what it means for American retailers

Wirecard Consumer Index Report: Global Retail Insights

From mobile apps to cross-border e-commerce platforms, North American consumers have many ways to shop and pay. This report delves into the preferences, payment technologies, and global trends shaping the evolving retail landscape in 2019 and beyond.

Want to learn more about consumer preferences across e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, and global retail?

  • Know consumers’ payment preferences
  • Understand the hybrid shopping experience
  • Design integrative systems solutions for retail
  • And more!