With its payment interface Wirecard is helping Olympus to be more successful


The potential

More and more companies are generating a large proportion of their total sales via the Internet. Nowadays, most companies in the EU prefer to sell their products or services via their own website or their own app. However, digital interaction usually also influences sales generated in retail stores, as customers frequently use their smartphones at the POS, either to look for more product information, compare prices with other retailers, or search for evaluations online. Smartphone users often complete their entire shopping experience on their mobile device. Provided, of course, that their preferred payment method is available and there is no risk of their personal details or sensitive credit card information being misused. Olympus relies on its own online shop and innovative payment solutions from Wirecard to sell its premium digital cameras and offer its customers maximum security and a seamless shopping experience.

The solution

Olympus needed to optimize the design of both the shop system and its own checkout process, as well as the payment options and the country-specific requirements for the individual offices across Europe. Their focus was especially on a reliable fraud prevention and risk management system, as well as comprehensive reports. Using a scalable system, the entire sales process for premium-priced consumer goods should be made more secure and attempted fraud reduced to a minimum. This is why Wirecard streamlined the payment processes and developed a globally deployable payment solution, which can be tailored specifically to the needs of the individual Olympus markets. At the same time, their customers benefit from more payment methods being available. On top of this, Olympus also uses the financing options offered by Wirecard to be able to offer its own customers the possibility to pay in installments (including interest-free credit), on invoice, or via Online Bank Transfer. (Klarna) in the future. Numerous other payment methods (depending on local availability) and credit card payments were also added. All these payments can be processed via a single Wirecard interface and one master agreement.

The USPs at a glance:

  • One master agreement for all payment methods as well as for all credit card payments for the individual countries throughout Europe
  • One single interface for all ordered payment methods (credit and debit cards, Online Bank Transfer., Payment on Invoice, Payment in Installments)
  • Payment methods and additional risk management can be chosen flexibly and individually.
  • Support is available in German and English.

The result

“As Wirecard is a big player in payment transactions, we can benefit from their many years of experience in innovative payment solutions as well as their new strategic partnerships. This enables us to offer our customers additional and more convenient payment options, as well as personalized finance options for our premium products,” André Kellerberg, Senior European Ecommerce Project Manager (B2C/B2B) / Professional Expert Digital Business at Olympus Europa SE & Co. KG, is convinced. So fulfilling your customers’ shopping and payment preferences is one of the key factors for a successful online shop.

In addition to the country-specific preferred payment methods, Olympus is using a customized version of the Fraud Prevention Suite (FPS) to manage risks. This enables data and behavior patterns to be identified in real time minimizing the transaction risk, using machine learning as well as AI technology to ensure maximum security for all payment options offered to effectively prevent fraud and data misuse. This means that since we started using the FPS, the number of fraudulent transactions accepted at Olympus has sunk to nearly zero.