Secure contactless payment without a terminal


The challenge

Ratskeller in Munich is renowned as a traditional restaurant that always keeps pace with the latest trends. And payment processing is no exception. With its doors closed due to coronavirus, a new wine delivery service developed into a crucial line of business for the eatery. To meet the demands of this unusual situation, Ratskeller was looking for a digital solution to make payment for pick-up and delivery as safe and convenient as possible. And so The Royal Dolores, the Ratskeller bar, extended use of the stampayGO mobile payment solution beyond the bar to the new wine delivery service as well. With integrated financial technology from Wirecard, customers are now able to make safe contactless payment—no matter their location or device.

The solution

Wirecard and stampayGO make contactless payment simple and fast. But also safe. Ratskeller is now using the mobile solution with its new wine delivery service as well. Customers can choose:

  1. Pay by Link
    With Pay by Link, customers use a payment link to pay for orders. Once it receives the order, Ratskeller sends the customer the payment link by email or even WhatsApp or other social media platforms. The customer just clicks on the link to go to a secure payment page hosted by Wirecard. There the customer can pay right away by credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or other popular payment methods. They can even give a tip. When using Apple Pay or Google Pay, the customer can authorize payment in one easy step with fingerprint authentication or facial recognition. Enthusiastic about Pay by Link as part of our corona support package for businesses, CEO Peter Wieser notes: “We have the money before the goods go out.”

  2. QR code
    stampayGO also has a safe payment method for customers who want to pay the driver upon delivery. No card terminal is even necessary. The customer just scans a QR code generated by the driver’s smartphone. This allows customers and staff to maintain safe social distancing. The customer then pays for the delivery right on their own smartphone.

The merchant and the customer receive payment confirmation per web app notification for both Pay by Link and QR code payment.

The result

Safety is a top priority to us all in these challenging times. Thanks to the stampayGO mobile payment solution, Ratskeller’s customers can pay conveniently from home. Or in person both contactless and cashless at a safe distance. As a certified and globally active payment services provider, Wirecard alone processes the customer’s bank and payment data according to the strictest security standards. This makes payment not only convenient for customers. It also guarantees twice the security.

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“We were able to begin processing contactless, cashless payments for our deliveries in no time.”

Peter Wieser, Ratskeller CEO