Advancing electromobility together


The challenge

The digital age is already in full swing: we manage our bank accounts online, use smartphones to shop, and―increasingly―drive electric vehicles. But when we want to charge an electric car at a dedicated station, we often find it difficult or inconvenient to pay for the service. One reason is that many charging station operators have installed their own proprietary payment solutions. This requires drivers of electric cars to carry a walletful of different cards, which can also be challenging to obtain because the registration requirements vary.

In order for electromobility to continue making headway, it’s essential for operators of charging stations to simplify both the charging process itself and, especially, how users pay.

The solution

Wirecard now enables accessible, straightforward payment right at the station.

Axel Puwein,
Director of Products & Innovation at Wirecard CEE

Software and hardware vendor Wirelane GmbH develops and designs sleek, easy-to-use charging stations for electric cars for private, public and semi-public use. Featuring state-of-the-art technology and an LCD screen that walks the driver through the charging process, they are being hailed as some of the most user-friendly products now available in the marketplace.

In collaboration with Wirecard, Wirelane has now also launched a contactless payment mode that adds even more convenience by letting users initiate the charging process simply by tapping with an NFC-capable credit card or a smartphone wallet like Google Pay or Apple Pay.

The result

The partnership between Wirecard and Wirelane is significantly improving the entire charging and payment process for operators of electric car charging stations and their customers. While the latter benefit from user-friendly, extremely convenient payment, operators minimize their workload and overhead, since they no longer have to issue their own RFID cards.

Wirelane CEO Constantin Schwaab is very happy with the results: “We’re extremely pleased to have found such an excellent partner in Wirecard for taking payment to a new level of ease and simplicity for our customers.”

Since August 2018, more than 6,000 charging stations have already been upgraded to mobile payment technology from Wirecard. As a result, users can now charge their vehicles and pay more quickly, easily and securely than ever before―in five European countries so far and counting.

Would you like to learn more about the cooperation between Wirecard and Wirelane? If so, you’re invited to watch the entire interview with Constantin Schwaab, CEO of Wirelane.