Stefano Orsi

Stefano Orsi

Head of Professional Services for Europe

What advantages does Wirecard offer for the work you do?

Exciting and challenging projects, as well as many opportunities for learning and further development in a wide range of areas, are what make Wirecard such an attractive company to work for. There is also a proven onboarding process, lots of opportunities to share ideas within the team, and numerous useful tools to help us work in the best possible way.

How long have you been working for Wirecard?

I joined the company in January 2014.

What is your current position?

I’m Head of Professional Services for Europe, a division that serves three regions.

Please tell us a little about your career at Wirecard.

I started at Wirecard as a project manager. But I also had the opportunity to work in other teams. Later I was promoted to Team Lead in the Customer Implementation Financial Institution & Consumer Goods department, where I worked for a while before switching to the Digital & Telco team. As you can tell from my track record here so far, one thing you definitely won’t do at Wirecard is stand still.

Why did you choose Wirecard as your employer?

In 2013, Wirecard was looking for a project manager with relevant experience in telecommunications. As I had worked in the mobile communications sector for quite a few years, I could offer them the experience they were looking for. Back then, the company struck me as very dynamic, and it was already growing at a fast clip. The teams were a mix of colleagues from different countries, and even with very basic knowledge of German, it was possible to jump in and start working. All of these things sparked my interest.

What tasks does your work involve?

Although I also handle more technical things, such as, coordinating complex projects and customer workshops, my main task is to organize the workflow of the individual teams and support them when difficult situations arise. I’m also responsible for promoting the team members’ professional advancement.

What do you especially like about Wirecard and your current role?

I like my work because it is so diverse. Every day brings new surprises, no two are the same. I’ve already had the chance to build my own team twice. It was challenging but at the same time extremely satisfying. Both my old and new teams are really outstanding, and it’s been an honor and privilege to lead them.

What is a typical workday like for you?

We start each day with 15-minute stand-up meetings of all the teams to bring everyone up to speed. They are followed by project-specific meetings, and then we get down to everyday activities such as documentation, follow-ups, and workshops.

We also try to organize joint activities outside work, like spending evenings together in a beer garden, going on outings, or playing beach volleyball.

How does Wirecard support your professional advancement?

I regularly discuss career topics with my boss, attend technical training courses and receive continuous training in staff management. The language courses offered are also very valuable to me. After only four years in Germany, I can honestly say that I’ve improved my German skills almost to the level of a native speaker. At the beginning, I never would have thought that possible.

How do you envisage your future career?

A long and satisfying career at Wirecard. The company gives me numerous opportunities to achieve my professional goals.

I like my work at Wirecard because it is so diverse. Every day brings new surprises, and no two are the same.