Leo Molatore

Leo Molatore

PR Manager

Why is Wirecard a good place for you to work?

Wirecard is a very international company and provides lots of input for doing PR work. There’s plenty to talk about, from new technologies and products to customers and much more. We also enjoy considerable freedom and have lots of scope to create the future. Plus, the “startup mentality” here means that good ideas are welcome and appreciated. There’s also a stimulating, cosmopolitan work environment with colleagues and topics from practically every corner of the globe, which ensures more than enough variety and keeps our everyday work interesting.

How long have you been at Wirecard?

Since the beginning of March 2017.

What is your position at the company?

I’m the PR Manager and Corporate Blogger. In other words, besides doing classic press and PR work, I’m also responsible for publishing Wirecard’s online corporate blog.

What specifically do you do?

As a PR Manager, I deal with everything related to communicating with the outside world. This includes answering journalists’ questions and meeting their requests, suggesting topics, and compiling distribution lists. My core tasks are researching, writing and proofreading texts, mostly in English. They range from blog entries to articles about technical topics and columns written by freelancers to case studies and texts for posting on the website.

Why did you want to work for Wirecard?

My abilities and expectations are well-suited to the tasks and requirements of this position. Wirecard is an attractive, fast-growing company and a good employer that also provides a host of perks such as inexpensive midday meals, a fitness program, flexible working hours, and a generous budget for acquiring new skills.

What is a typical workday like for you?

I usually start work at 8 in the morning. The first thing I do is post a new press release on our website. Then I check Twitter to see if anything is being discussed that’s relevant to Wirecard and payments. After that, I usually answer emails, start drafting and writing new blog posts, and create various other texts. While doing all this, I’m constantly in touch with members of my team who work on social media and graphics.

What is especially important to you for your career? How does Wirecard support your personal development?

It’s important for me to constantly be able to contribute my ideas and use my experience. And it’s also really important to keep learning new things and improve my skill set in key areas, also with help from outside experts. Wirecard gives me all of this.

Wirecard is an attractive, fast-growing company and a good employer that offers lots of additional benefits.