Jan Rübel

Jan Ruebel

VP Europe in the Sales Travel & Transport department

How long have you been working for Wirecard and what can you tell us about your career so far?

After joining Wirecard in March 2010, I started as a Key Account Manager on a three-person team. After two years, I was promoted to Head of Sales and helped to scale up the department. As of November 2019, my responsibility is to strategically develop our team and solutions as the Vice President of Sales Travel.

Why did you choose Wirecard as your employer?

Wirecard is a very innovative company with motivated teams and extremely flat hierarchies. This is especially important to me in sales, where I need to make decisions quickly and work closely with customers to implement new products and solutions.

What did you work before you started at Wirecard?

I worked for seven years at a large US financial services provider. But I started off in the travel industry, originally training as a travel agent.

What do you consider when hiring new staff?

Good communication skills and experience in the travel industry are great assets in our area. Especially in sales, people with good networks are really important. Many of my colleagues here also trained as travel agents or spent years working for a major airline before joining Wirecard.

What roles are there in your department?

We have Sales Managers, Key Account Managers and Project Managers, each of whom is specialized in meeting requirements in a particular area.

What are you personally responsible for?

Here at headquarters, I’m primarily responsible for sales in travel and mobility. One of the main tasks of the sales teams is to find the optimum solution and then offer it to our customers. Acquiring customers and generating sales are also very important goals. To achieve this, I work together with a team of Sales and Key Account Managers. I’m also in charge of managing and developing staff and dealing with whatever comes up so the members of my team are free to concentrate on everyday business. In addition, I’m involved in winning and looking after new customers. This is important to me because it keeps me generally more in the picture.

What characterizes the work your department does?

As the main contacts for all our customers, we are the face of Wirecard: at trade shows and conferences, and in everyday communication. In addition, as sales people we have to be very flexible as well as able and willing to deal with just about anything. It’s a must for us to understand all of the solutions available from Wirecard and be able to explain them.

What do you especially like in your current role?

From a sales perspective, all of the prerequisites are met here for quickly closing sales. I like my team and our friendly way of working together as equals, without any prejudice or shyness. The flat hierarchies at Wirecard play a big part in this. Being successful is always fun, of course. But it’s not actually that hard with the great products and solutions that Wirecard offers.

What is a typical workday like for you?

Fortunately, there’s no such thing here. My workday is very customer-oriented. What I mean to say is that in sales, we have to follow our customers’ lead and meet their deadlines. So there are lots of meetings and trips to other countries at short notice. We travel quite a bit, due to the fact that we regularly take part in trade shows and conferences. Luckily, this is partly offset by much shorter paths for internal projects, as my team’s offices are mainly located right at the headquarters in Munich.

What is especially important for your own further career? How does Wirecard support your personal development?

For me personally, opportunities for professional development are very important. And I definitely have them at Wirecard: either from courses, internal support, or on-the-job training. We’re able to tap our potential and contribute our own ideas in every situation. Of course, I also appreciate the fact that Wirecard is a future-proof enterprise with plenty of room for long-term development and advancement.

What would you like to see in the future for Wirecard?

Lots of new customers and cashless payment everywhere.

Wirecard is a very innovative company with dynamic teams and flat hierarchies.