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Intuitive open-source technology for seamless payment processes

It is becoming more and more important for merchants to offer appropriate ordering and, especially, payment methods. While consumers value intuitive, secure payment, what matters most to retailers is easy integration of payment methods and transparent settlement.

We at Wirecard offer you easy-to-integrate Shop Extensions for all popular shop systems with a wide range of payment methods. Modular shop extensions for all known e-commerce systems make it simple for you to enhance your webshop with global and local payment options. They can also be supplemented with tried-and-true solutions for thwarting fraud attempts.

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All in one: optimal payment mix, easy integration, increased sales

Your benefits:

  • Free usage of the Shop Extensions available as open-source on GitHub
  • Simple installation and a wide range of configuration options
  • Constant updating of the Shop Extensions by our developer team
  • Offered as open-source so that every developer can adopt or contribute to each Shop Extension

Offer your customers the complete digital payment package

Get to know how easy it is to integrate Wirecard Shop Extensions and what additional advantages you can expect.

Wirecard Shop Extensions for all popular shop systems―test it for free now!

We are always working to expand our Shop Extensions and integrations. Check our Online Documentation center for a current list. However, if we currently do not support your shop system, we also offer a simplified integration process with an open source PHP Payment SDK. We use and regularly update the SDK in all of our extensions. You can download it free of charge on GitHub.

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