Risk management

Enjoy maximum security with all popular payment options.

Detecting and avoiding payment risks

Ensure your company’s business success by sensitively analyzing your exposure to financial risks. This is key for effectively guarding against payment defaults and fraud attempts. Wirecard offers you proven risk management systems that you can wield to optimize your processes, prevent fraud, and perform credit checks for all common payment systems. Our solutions are fully automated and modular in structure. What’s more, they can be quickly and flexibly adapted to meet your unique requirements. This includes appropriately setting credit limits on a case-to-case basis. You’re enabled to overcome constraints, take advantage of all relevant payment methods, and achieve your full sales potential.

Your benefits:

  • Maximum security for international electronic payments
  • Greater flexibility, thanks to modular processes that can be scaled up as your business grows
  • Real-time checks without delays from having to switch media or manually enter data, so you can instantly interact with customers
  • An optimized payment mix for greater conversion rates
  • Transparent, secure payment processes with maximum ease and convenience

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Easy financial risk assessment with Wirecard: how to offer secure payment processes

Seize new opportunities with timely financial risk analyses

The proven risk management solutions available from Wirecard for preventing fraud and running credit checks, along with flexibly customizable solutions, ensure maximum security for all popular payment options.

Fraud prevention

Our solutions for avoiding fraud help you spot and block suspicious transactions before they go through, thus reducing work and costs.

Credit checks

Wirecard offers you established methods for checking consumer data in real time before choosing a payment method.

Flexible risk management solutions

Before implementing a system, Wirecard analyzes your risks to craft a strategy that is ideally tailored to your situation.

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