Sales Incentive Card

Motivate your sales force by giving them the appreciation they deserve.

Make sure you’ve got your sales force’s back

As everyone knows, motivated staff deliver better results. And the Wirecard Sales Incentive Card does the trick! It’s spot on for rewarding sales staff, partners, or loyal staff in general for their effort and success: quickly and easily. Just give them the right incentives and catapult your sales to a whole new level.

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Your tailored bonus programme

Would you like to motivate your staff with custom-tailored bonuses? Our Sales Incentive Card makes it quick and easy for you. It naturally helps that we’re the world’s leading provider of corporate payment solutions. You can send the same sum to multiple recipients or credit a different amount to each card via the Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP). Nothing could be easier. The holder receives the money instantly. To use it, they just have to activate their cards once. It’s also a breeze to view all important information, such as the account balance or transaction details, using an app or WEP.

How your company benefits from the Sales Incentive Card

Increased performance

You optimize your sales force’s performance by boosting engagement.

Outstanding security

All of your disbursements benefit from the highest standards of security.

Lower costs

You save costs and increase operational efficiency thanks to our easy-to-use card program.

Stronger brand

You increase your staff’s loyalty and become better known with branded cards.

How your staff benefit from the Sales Incentive Card

Easy to use

Your staff don’t need a bank account to access their bonuses.

Fast access

They can spend them right away – anywhere that Mastercard or Visa is accepted.

Total control

If the Sales Incentive Card should ever be lost or stolen, it’s quick and easy to block.

Practical overview

The card balance and transactions are easy to check: thanks to the app and card management portal.

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