Guaranteed Payment on Invoice

Offer one of the most popular payment procedures in your shop.

Minimize cart abandonment with purchase on account

Many consumers prefer to purchase on account as they can place their order without entering any payment data. But our Payment on Invoice solution makes both consumers and shop owners happy. Why’s that? We assume the default risk so you can be sure you’ll get your money.

With purchase on account, you benefit from larger shopping carts and a reduced purchase abandonment rate. What’s more, you can integrate our white-label solution easily and seamlessly into your checkout process.

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How our Guaranteed Payment on Invoice solution benefits you:

  • Increased sales in your online shop
  • Higher conversion rates and reduced purchase abandonment rates
  • Flexibly customizable white-label integration, enabling you to adapt purchase on account to your online shop
  • No non-payment risk for you as the shop operator; Payment on Invoice is entirely secure as we fully handle receivables management on your behalf.

Payment on Invoice: Key features at a glance

Smooth processing

We fully manage invoice processing on your behalf. You don't have to worry about terms of payment or dunning charges.

Seamless integration

Online retailers who are registered in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and have minimum annual sales revenue of €500,000 can quickly and easily integrate the Guaranteed Payment on Invoice in their checkout process.

Increased sales

Offer the ideal payment mix on your payment page to improve your conversion rate and attract new regular customers.

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