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Multiply your sales with innovative mobile payment solutions.

The future of payment: simple, intelligent, and mobile

Smartphones and tablets have already been firmly integrated in our mobile lifestyles for quite a while. Consumers use their mobile devices everywhere and all the time to access the Internet. And in more and more shops, customers can now also pay with their phones.

Electronic payment with QR codes, HCE or NFC payment solutions, mobile wallets or in-app payment: Wirecard offers you a wide range of mobile payment solutions in which you can very easily integrate loyalty programs and supplementary services for your customers.

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Contactless, mobile payment methods for the POS

Contactless payment with smartphones and smartwatches is poised to become the rule rather than the exception in the years ahead. Technologies such as NFC, HCE, and BLE are paving the way for this global trend. This is expanding the options available to consumers for convenient, secure wireless payment. At the same time, it is opening up new opportunities for merchants to use payment apps to tap new target groups and markets with couponing and loyalty programs and other marketing activities.

Overview of contactless payment options

  • BLE
    Merchants can use radio technology in the form of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) or microtransmitters (beacons) to send personalized offers to customers’ smartphones while they are in the store.
  • QR codes
    QR codes are widely used for mobile payment. Nearly all smartphones are able to read them, regardless of their operating system.
  • HCE
    HCE (Host Card Emulation) enables secure NFC payment with mobile apps. Other NFC services such as loyalty-programs and mobile ticketing can also be provided via HCE.
  • NFC
    NFC (Near Field Communication) is a secure contactless card technology. To make an NFC payment, the customer simply holds their smartphone against an NFC-capable card reader for a few seconds.

Popular payment apps: Apple Pay and Google Pay

Both of these mobile payment systems are spreading to more and more countries. Millions of consumers already use them for convenient, secure cashless payment. With Wirecard, you can very easily integrate both Apple Pay and Google Pay in your online shop, mobile app, or point-of-sale register.

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Features and benefits

Secure customer registration

The Wirecard in-app payment service includes securely hosted customer registration and handling of payment data. No confidential information passes through your app.

Encryption and secure data storage

Your app and the systems running on our servers are operated exclusively on the basis of reference numbers (tokens). This eliminates the need for PCI audits and considerably reduces the development work for your app.

Single-step checkout

Lean checkout processes (e.g. with in-app tokens or fingerprint-authenticated payment) ensure seamless payment at the register and positively impact your conversion rate.

Diverse payment methods

Benefit from a wide range of national and international payment options: credit cards, direct debit, Internet transfer, mobile payment, alternative payment methods, and industry-specific solutions.

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