Fraud prevention

Effectively protect your company against payment defaults and fraud attempts.

Minimize financial fraud

By comprehensively helping you to assess your risks, Wirecard lets you greatly reduce not only cases of payment fraud along with the associated organizational effort and costs, but also ’false positives’, in other words correct transactions that are erroneously tagged as suspected fraud attempts. Our smart rule-based systems also prevent card organizations from imposing sanctions on you and your clients.

Your benefits:

  • You reduce payment losses by preventing fraudulent purchases.
  • You take advantage of globally automated processes to reduce costs.
  • You consistently stay a step ahead of fraudsters, thanks to our continually updated rules.

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Transparent solutions for preventing protection

We maximize the security of payments made to you with a suite of highly effective solutions for analysis, simulation, application of rules, case management, and much more. With the Fraud Prevention Suite, you can freely pick and combine any available individual functions or opt for the entire flexible package. All of the solutions are easy to integrate, since no separate interfaces are required.


Rule processing

Case management

  • Transactions are automatically analyzed in real time to detect patterns that are typical of fraud attempts. This in turn lets you make sound decisions on whether to reject or allow transactions. New and modified fraud patterns are automatically added to our rules to minimize financial fraud.
  • Wirecard supports the payment fraud detection methods (3D Secure and AVS) used by credit card organizations to decide whether or not to extend credit. In addition, we let you benefit from industry- and merchant-specific methods, for example, crosschecking with blacklists, time-dependent limits on transactions and amounts, and comparing where an order is placed with the country where the card was issued.

  • You can take advantage of our software solutions for transaction management to manually review suspicious transactions or compare case data to reveal connections among multiple transactions. In addition, an integrated report generation function lets you keep an eye on all important data.

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