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Compensation solutions for any environment

The way people work is expanding rapidly. Whether they work in a traditional office, in the gig economy, or something in between, the need remains the same: accurate, efficient, compliant, and instant payment of commissions, gratuities, pensions, and rewards. The Wirecard Compensation Solution Suites offer a range of digital compensation solutions to reduce operating and financial costs while ensuring your payment obligations are met. No matter the challenge, our compensation suites have the solution that fits your needs.

Benefits from our compensation solutions

Happy employees and customers and reduced operating costs

More efficient disbursement processes for commissions, pensions, and rewards

Easy integration with your systems by our implementation team

Dedicated professionals and systems ensuring ongoing payment compliance


Payroll Suite

Compensate your employees for the great work they do every day with the payroll solution from Wirecard. Our payroll suite guarantees that monthly payroll accounting is seamlessly processed on time. Integrated into existing payment processes, the Wirecard Payroll Suite offers numerous benefits for both employers and employees.

  • Give employees easy access to funds via digital account management
  • Let employees choose from a variety of payment methods
  • Optimize operating costs via real-time transfer
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Pension Suite

For former employees who prefer to receive their pension payment by methods other than bank transfer, Wirecard offers a pension distribution solution featuring standard or virtual prepaid cards. The Wirecard Pension Suite ensures that the delivery of these payments is efficient and convenient.

  • Gain better control over monthly pension payments
  • Reduce administrative burdens and operating costs
  • Offer added security and protection with our prepaid card
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Maritime Suite

Wirecard developed the Maritime Suite to address the unique needs of employees working at sea. Parsing payments between what is needed on board the ship and what needs to be sent home, our solution leverages both the benefits of a traditional payroll card and global deposit functionality to meet the needs of you and your crew.

  • Offer crew members flexible and secure access to their salary at sea or at home
  • Reduce costs and increase security with efficient alternative to checks and cash
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Direct Selling Suite

If your business is involved in direct sales, your sales representatives, agents, and distributors are due a commission for every transaction they complete. Wirecard has developed the Direct Selling Suite to compensate associates globally. We’ve made payment processes significantly faster and more efficient with cutting-edge technologies.

  • Offer sales associates loss- and theft-protected payment cards
  • Expand your business by supporting your people with the best solutions
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Gratuity Suite

In the hospitality industry, exceptional service is rewarded with generous gratuities. Pay your workers for their great work in a timely manner and avoid the inefficient process of check disbursement with the Wirecard Gratuity Suite. It provides digital accounts that additional funds can automatically be credited to.

  • Make your payment processes more efficient and reduce operating costs
  • Increase server satisfaction and security
  • Implement our solution seamlessly into your payment system
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Onsite Issuance Suite

Wirecard led the development of efficient and secure donor payments in the blood plasma donation space with instant issue, reloadable cards. From these beginnings, Wirecard has created the Onsite Issuance Suite to allow businesses to pay clients, donors, and customers in many sectors on location, securely and immediately.

  • Foster relationships with donors and patrons with reloadable cards
  • Reduce the need for cash
  • Increase security for your payees
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