Accept Alipay and win Chinese customers.

Alipay—step up your sales with China’s #1 payment solution

Chinese tourists are a steadily growing market in Europe: The more than US$165 billion they spend while traveling each year offer you enormous sales opportunities. Help make it possible for over 520 million active Alipay users to also pay outside their home country with their favorite app while boosting your bottom line. We make it extremely easy for you to accept China’s number-one payment solution in both physical and online shops.

Your Benefits:

  • More than 520 million Chinese use the Alipay app
  • 100 million transactions a day
  • On average, each Chinese tourist spends US$3,000 per trip.

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Integrate Alipay―Chinese tourists’ favorite traveling companion

Choose between three different integration methods at the POS:

    • Hardware integration with hand-held scanner and connector
    • Scan Alipay app
    • Integration into the register system (SDK and API)

How does Alipay work at the POS?

Enable Chinese tourists to pay by QR code in just three easy steps:

  • Scan the customer’s QR code.
  • The customer confirms payment.
  • The payment is finalized.
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How does Alipay work in e-commerce?

Offer Alipay as an additional payment method in your online shop:

  • The QR code is generated automatically.
  • The customer scans the QR code with the Alipay app.
  • The payment is confirmed by entering a PIN. Done.
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It’s this easy to use Alipay QR code payment at the POS!

Wirecard and Alipay: Your benefits at a glance:

Profit with a strong global partner that’s able to meet your special wishes. You receive a wide range of benefits from us:

Easy payment processing

No need to open an account in China

Automatic receipt generation

All customs forms and receipts required for VAT refunds included

Practical transaction overview

All transactions viewable online via the Wirecard Enterprise Portal

Additional marketing channel

Use the Alipay app as an additional marketing channel with integrated store finder.

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